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The Benefits of Having Your Own Basketball Court

When Dr. James Naismith invented Basketball on December 1891, it pretty much changed the world of sports. So here we are, 126 years later and still in love with this amazing game. It’s no secret that basketball can be the key to a lucrative lifestyle—many of our professional players rake in millions of dollars each season. If you happen to just love the sport or even if you have professional aspirations, there’s no denying that you’ll benefit greatly from having your own basketball court.

When you have your own court at home, you won’t have to pay compounding fees at some local sports complex. Also, you won’t really have to share you court and you’ll get to play to your heart’s content. This is particularly important if you really want to get a lot of the health benefits associated with the game. Some of these are: improved endurance, burned calories, improving balance and coordination, etc. Also, it’s a great thing to share with your children. Parenting is easy when you treat it as fun instead of work. Enjoy some of your time.

When there’s so much to gain, why wouldn’t having your own court be a good idea? Researchers have found that if a parent or both parents are fans of basketball, there’s a 75% probability of any offspring to be into the sport as well. What better place to hone and cultivate the interest of the young ones than your own home court?

Sports take children’s minds off other things, especially the problems they have that are a normal part of growing up. It’s an escape, just like video games, vacations, and other things that aren’t school. But, an outdoor hoop has a couple added benefits. First, it’s fun play-time with your kids where they’re more likely to let their guards down and open up to you a little bit. Second, albeit unlikely, the more your kids play, the better of a shot they have at going pro someday. Now, it may seem like a pipe dream, but what if you kid fell in love with the game? You might be looking at easy street for retirement. Obviously, it’s not the primary reason to start them playing, but hey, it’s a cool thing to think about.